Dinosaur Gembone: History, Uses, and Meaning

Dinosaur Bone (Gembone) can be used in making jewelry. This remains one of the most beautiful and rarest fossils that can be found anywhere in the world. Gembones comprise of the fossil of dinosaur bones having gem quality minerals. As a result of the rare and unique patterns and colors exhibited by the fossils, as well as the very rare chances of a dinosaur bone becoming a fossil and also being fossilized with gem quality minerals, gembone are often referred to as the “World’s Greatest Treasure".

 Gembone bead

The History of Gembone goes back 150 million years. It is also usually referred to as silicified dinosaur bone, mineralized dinosaur bone, and agatized fossil. The very unique pattern and different colors in dinosaur bone are caused by minerals like chromium, iron-oxide, chlorite, and manganese. All these minerals have previously found their way into the bone cells during formation. Gembone specimens can be dated back to about 150 million years ago prior to the extinction of dinosaurs from the earth. These dinosaur bones can be found in several places around the world. The beautifully colored, highly agatized, and unique patterned dinosaur bone can only be found in the four corners region of the Colorado Plateau, USA. This includes the meeting point of the state of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado touch. Dinosaur Bones has a bright canary yellow color, with the desirable colors of cherry green, blue, red, and orange. The red colors are the brightest gem grade.  

gembone bead strand

Healing Properties of dinosaur bone include helping to increase energy and memory. It is incredible to calm anxiety. It is also helpful with communication, offering you an ability to understand communications. It is ideal to promote any collective activity. It helps to encourage team building and enhance productive harmony to group efforts. It also helps to stimulate peace in the family.

gembone bead

Other uses and healing properties of gembone include:  

As a Physical Healer dinosaur bone is highly recommended for anyone experiencing stressful life conditions. It can be used in crystal healing for paralysis, hearing, fractured bones, and so forth. It can also be used to regulate body temperature.  

As a Spiritual Healer dinosaur bones have a strong propensity to generate healing energies with the surrounding environment. Through this, it helps the person putting it on to focus more on his personal growth with respect to spiritualism and moral philosophy. Gembone helps to nourish self-esteem, empowering you to hold out by being truthful to yourself. Moral excellence and sincerity are also promoted.  

As an Emotional Healer dinosaur bone is beneficial when it comes to getting over gloominess. It offers emotional strengthen for anyone going through a grieving period. It helps in alleviating obsessive thoughts and negative mental patterns and can act as a soul cleanser. Dinosaur bone offers you the ability that to overcome panic attacks or fears, making it possible for you to view and appreciate the bigger picture in life.  

gembone dinosaur bead strand

In addition to the many uses for gembone on a spiritual and metaphysical level, this fossil remains one of the most intriguing and aesthetically pleasing rare medias that jewelry artists use today.

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