Meteorites: History, Uses, and Meaning

Amanda Beltz

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Meteorites are precious stones which are said to have originated from outer space. They are formed from particles of the asteroid belt, and comets that have been able to survive after falling through the atmosphere into the surface of the earth.

The color range and composition of the meteorite often vary from one meteorite to another. The three basic classification of meteorite include:

·        Irons – The irons comprise of mainly nickel and iron.

·        Chondrites – The chondrites comprise of stone.

·        Achondrites – The achondrites comprise of very rare stony irons. They are made up of stone fragments and beautiful olivine crystals that have been imbedded in a nickel-iron matrix.

Simply put, these meteorites are adorable gifts from another world. A lot of cultures often consider meteorites as sacred and contain supernatural powers.



Some of the uses of meteorites include the following:



Meteorites are an energy coming from another world. This special energy will be accessible to the user. Meteorites may be used to align and balance the body’s energetic fields.


Enhances Communication

A meteorite can be used to enhance communication on this plane. It may also provide access to preserved internal information that is relevant to your current needs.



Meteorites help to offer or improve the stamina and strength which are needed for endurance. They also make us actualize our main purpose on earth. The thrusting energy emitted by meteorites can help in boosting confidence.


Healing Properties

When it comes to healing or medical use, a meteorite can be used to treat anemia, strengthen blood and body tissues, melancholia and incoherence. It can help you in understanding your physical body, so as to be able to synchronize your physical body with your spirit. In the face of struggle, physical ailment, or adversity, a meteorite can be an incredible source of strength and hope.

Other uses for meteorites are for spiritual awakening, inner vision, interdimensional and extraterrestrial communication.


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