Moldavite: History, Uses, and Meaning

Amanda Beltz


Simply taking a look at Moldavite, you need not be told that it is a stone of greatness. Moldavite is engraved of spiritual fire. This is not any ordinary stone, but one, destined for a purpose. This mysterious green jewel is star-born.

Moldavite was formed from a violent meteoric impact of nature with Mother Earth. Carved by flame and force, falling from the heavens, Moldavite returned to the surface of the earth transformed as a glass of amazing delicacy and grace ready to serve humankind.



Moldavite is a member of the Tektite group of natural glasses. Moldavite was formed from interplanetary collisions. Tektite was derived from the Greek word Tektos, meaning "molten," Tektites are glassy mixtures of aluminum oxide, silicon dioxide, and various other metallic oxides.

There have been many meteoric impacts documented over time. Their impact leaves a crater on the surface of the earth. Materials are then deposited around the surrounding areas. Moldavite was formed as a result of intense meteorite showers which happened as far back as 15 to 20 million years ago. The most prized specimens of Moldavite are the clear green and deeply grooved pieces. Moldavite is considered the only gem on the surface of the earth with its origin traced back to space.

Moldavite was found in the Bohemian sites close to the Moldau River Valley, North of Prague, Czech Republic. They are believed to have resulted from a meteorite crater in Germany. As a result of this, they were named after the location and the surrounding environment.



Moldavite has a rich history. It has been valued as far back as the Stone Age. It can be used for in carvings, as an amulet of good fortune, a spiritual talisman, protection, and fertility. Some of the uses include:


Counteracting Cynicism

Moldavite serves as an incredible tool to counteract cynicism. It can help link even the most melancholic individual with the wonders of the universe. Moldavite helps to ease away doubts, and calm financial worries by offering solutions you might have previously overlooked.



Putting on Moldavite as a jewelry makes it possible for the energies to remain in a single field of vibration. It is helpful in synchronizing our daily lives. It ensures that you remain focused on the task ahead, without being distracted. Throughout the day, you can expect high levels of coordination and concentration.


For sensitive souls

Moldavite helps sensitive souls and star children that find living on the earth difficult. It helps them adjust to any situation, be it, deep emotions and suffering. By placing them on the heart, Moldavite will help open up their purpose and reasons for existence. It eases the homesickness for souls that are not of this world.


Energy Tools

Moldavite works tremendously well when combined with other stones, especially with the crystalline energies of varieties of Quartz. It can be used to make energy tools. To intensify the effects, you can add to headbands, wands, grids and various other mediums.



Moldavite can serve as a powerful aid for meditation. It also helps increase your sensitivity to intuition, concentration, guidance, and telepathy. Moldavite helps you to easily understand any message coming from higher realms.


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