Rough Indonesian Amber Piece

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See picture 1 for approx size
Pictures taken wet with the exception of picture 2
Beautiful red, orange color
Origin: Indonesia

If you wear the Amber stone, it is said to absorb all the negative energies and transform them into a positive power. An influential guard, it connects the ordinary self to the advanced spiritual realism. It conveys balance and endurance and inspires decision-making, being a valuable memory aid. Its elasticity melts the opposition. Expressively, Amber inspires quietness and grows trust. Mentally, Amber stimulates humanity and brings wisdom.
It also cleans the atmosphere and the chakras.

The two major amber producing areas in Indonesia are Sumatra and Kalimantan.  Kalimantan amber is very similar to Baltic amber in appearance. 

The Indonesia amber polishes well and is almost indistinguishable from Baltic. 
It is said it will sink in fresh water and float in salt water.

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