Dinosaur Gembone Fossil Strand

Regular price $100.00
Length: 15.5 inches 
Bead size: 2 x 4mm graduated up to 6 x 10mm
Gembone specimens can be traced back to dinosaurs that roamed the earth during the late Jurassic Age around 150 million years ago. Gem quality petrified dinosaur bone specimens are among the rarest fossils in the world.
Agatized fossilized dinosaur bones are petrified with silica or quartz crystals which gives them their colorful, glassy appearance. This process preserves the actual cell structure of the once living dinosaur. Non-gem grade fossilized dinosaur bones are found in many places around the world but the highly agatized and beautifully colored & patterned dinosaur bone known as “gem bone” is almost exclusively found in the four corners region of the Colorado Plateau in the US.  Look at the photo of the gembone to see the variety of cell structures and colors that can be found only in higher quality agatized dinosaur bone. The wide variety of colors in agatized dino bone are caused by minerals such as chlorite, chromium, iron-oxide and manganese that enter the cells during formation.
Petrified or fossilized dinosaur bone increases energy and memory. It has ties with the deep past, and is also good for calming anxiety.

Avoid exposing your fossilized gembone beads to lotions, oils, and creams. Be sure to remove any beaded jewelry pieces before swimming or showering. Certain chemicals can dull the shiny finish of your new beads. To preserve your beads, wipe clean with a non-abrasive cloth and store is a dry space.

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